Maintaining your group’s identity within a large congregation can be a real challenge.

Prestonwood Baptist Church en Español found a way to use text messaging to unite their gathering in unexpected ways.


With the ability of the Ministry by Text software to deliver a message to any phone in the world, in any language– international and multi-lingual congregations and churches are a perfect scenario to deliver and connect each other.

Success en Español


Customized Online Content en Español

Prestonwood was able to ensure weekly delivery of their most important information directly to their church with the ability to track success rates with customized Ministry by Text shortened URLs.

en Español Interactive Bulletin


Church Wide Opt-in

With their personalized onboarding strategy from Ministry by Text, en Español at Prestonwood was able to achieve 90+% opt-in for church-wide messaging in just a few weeks. Because we know almost all text messages people receive are read, this guarantees information doesn't fall through the cracks and eliminates the "I didn't know" response form your members.

Any phone. Any language. Anywhere in the world.

The response to church texting has been so positive, they are expanding the message frequency to include midweek content, scripture, and much more. Prestonwood Baptist Church en Español is working towards ministy wide deployment for small groups, volunteers, missions, and discipleship.

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