The Dedicated Short Code Advantage

Mike Cantrell, Ministry by Text


The purpose of this video is what I’ll title The Dedicated Short Code Advantage. After successfully assisting companies navigate the texting landscape since 2008 under our commercial brand Solutions by Text the most common question I receive from our Ministry Partners is about short codes. Now a short code is a unique 5 or 6 digit number that becomes an extension of your brand and used by your members to gather information and receive your messages and content. One of our core competencies is the proper method for provisioning your short code with all the carriers and the result is the use of the most stable and reliable delivery gateway with no volume restrictions. More importantly, when your short code is properly registered with all carriers it eliminates the risk of your messages being flagged as spam and running the risk of being shut down.

What We Teach

At Ministry by Text we teach our partners the right way to weave texting into their entire operation and the use of keywords is a big part of this strategy. You see, when you have your own dedicated short code you have an unlimited supply of keywords like PRAYER, MEN, WOMEN, YOUTH, GIVE and so on. These keywords allow your members to gather information and opt themselves in for the ongoing information they want to receive. The unlimited number of keywords on your dedicated short code is also a HUGE savings as you expand and support all aspects of your operation at no additional cost because keywords on YOUR dedicated short code are complimentary with Ministry by Text.

Let me also say the use of url’s in your messages take the member experience to another level by bridging to your website to gather information and complete registrations. In contrast its these 10 digit numbers referred to as long codes that are being flagged by the carriers as SPAM especially messages on these long codes with url’s in them. Not to mention, trying to execute a keyword strategy on a 10 digit number is clunky to say the least.

The Most Stable Path

The short code is the most stable path with no volume limitations, it allows you to keep your cost down with unlimited keywords, you eliminate the chance of being shut down due to spam and your short code becomes an extension of your brand.

Your dedicated short code is the cornerstone of The Partner Plan at Ministry by Text. If you have any additional questions just get with one of our Ministry Consultants. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to provide this insight about the use of a short code for your church or ministry.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Short Codes

How Long Does It Take To Get My Short Code?

It typically takes 30-45 days.

Plans with dedicated short codes require a 30-45 day runway to provision your number, as well as execute the full MBT implementation process and work with your Ministry Consultant.

Why Do I Want A Dedicated Short Code?

A Dedicated Short Code allows you to have a unique 5 digit code for your brand to create keywords, pass messages, and more without having to share any content space or cross-over with other organizations.

Do Cell Phone Carriers Block or SPAM Short Codes?

Cell-phone carriers prefer this method for text marketing. Dedicated short codes do not have daily delivery limitations like long-codes will.

This is the preferred method for compliant large volume texting by mobile carriers.

How Many Keywords Can I Have On A Short Code?


Each MBT plan provides unlimited keywords no matter which package you chose. Keywords can be used for group interaction, information, or drip sequences, without any limitation. No other organization can use your short code, so any keyword you can imagine is available to you.

Why Are Short Codes So Expensive?

The cost to lease a short code from the carriers is quite expensive to initiate and maintain. There are also fees and surcharges associated with messaging on a short code that are factored into the price of obtaining a short code. Ministry by Text absorbs all these costs and passes on a flat rate included in your monthly plan for these services.

Are Short Codes SPAM?

Short codes cannot be marked as SPAM and make no mistake, dedicated short codes are preferred by all major US cell carriers for text messages.

Our industry relationships with the CTIA and other mobile regulation agencies, combined with practicing full compliance with the TCPA federal statues guides MBT in consulting and practice. We are experts at knowing the laws and rules so you don’t have to!

What Is The Difference Between A Long Code and A Short Code?

Long codes have a daily delivery limitation that short codes do not.

Long codes can be flagged as spam and shut down by carriers.

Short codes have a much higher message delivery per second rate than long codes.