Ministry by Text + TouchPoint Software: Simplifying Church Texting

A Partnership Forged With Users In Mind

TouchPoint is a mobile-first church management software solution that enables and equips church leaders to engage their people, fund their vision, and manage their church. With this partnership, TouchPoint and Ministry by Text can help ministries communicate better through texting.

Easy Integration & Set Up

After you sign up for a plan from Ministry by Text, integration with your TouchPoint database is as simple as copy & paste your API keys from Ministry by Text, and enabling Ministry by Text with a switch inside TouchPoint.

Individual Message and Communication History

Easily see and monitor all the communication happening with an individual across your entire organization in one place. See when they received messages, when or if they responded, what groups they are a part of, and all of the keywords they have requested.

Direct Chat With Individuals

When you text your members, they are going to text you back! It’s only natural. It’s how people want to communicate. Now you can maintain accountability and have a line of sight to the entire conversation.

Custom Search Builder

Query, filter & build a custom subscriber message across your entire member database. Search by demographics or other profile data and send an ad-hoc message from a common group.


Utilizing Text Messaging Within Your Ministry

TouchPoint President Ross Miller and Ministry by Text COO Mike Cantrell discuss how you can grow your ministry using text messaging, highlighting the importance of MBT integration with TouchPoint.

Additional Features

Customize Reply Words with Actions

Record attendance, add to involvement, send reply, add to small group, and run scripts.

Manage SMS Subscriptions in User Profiles

Review available text groups, manage opt-in, opt-out, and update user preferences.

Send Security & Login Verification Codes via Text

Reset passwords, verify users access, and secure accounts for users and members via text one-time codes.

Use A Dedicated Short Code

Get your own dedicated short code (5 or 6 digit), registered, and licensed with all major carriers. Increase delivery speed and throughput, preventing SPAM, and ensuring deliverability.

Text SHORT to 77007 for more info.

Compliance and Inbound Complimentary

All received messaging and required messaging for compliance purposes is included free with any Ministry by Text plan. Protecting you, your organization, and encouraging subscribers to interact with your messaging.

All Features Included

You’re not limited to what’s integrated with TouchPoint, you’ll have access to the full Ministry by Text application in the cloud at no additional cost. Including our Ministry Consultants and the MBT Community library of best practice, tips, shelf programs, user success stories and use cases.