Ministry by Text + Rock RMS
Partnering together to provide a better way of communicating through texting

Experience the Gospel-driven difference
of Ministry by Text inside Rock RMS


The Rock RMS is an open church management system that focuses on the heart of ministry – people. Through this partnership, Rock RMS and MBT can help ministries communicate better through texting.


Aside from all of our great features below, what sets MBT apart is our mission to spread the gospel and our dedicated ministry support.  We partner with ministries to spread the gospel and provide team members, who know ministry, to provide you with the best knowledge and resources to ensure your success!

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A look at the capabilities inside the Rock RMS

MBT Standout Features

All Features Included

You’re not limited to only what’s integrated with The Rock. You’ll have access to the full Ministry by Text app in the cloud at no additional cost. This includes premier care from our Implementation Specialists and access to the MBT Community library of best practices, tips, shelf programs, user success stories, and use cases.

No Throttling

When you use MBT, you are using the best of best when it comes to texting software. Our delivery speeds are up to 300 messages per second and we will never throttle your use, creating an environment of unlimited messaging potential.

Complimentary Compliance Messages

We care about your ministry and your success. We cover the cost of required compliance messages and maintain documented opt-in consent for each subscriber number in your database. This reduces your overhead and protects your organization. We’re committed to following the rules and we’re in this thing together!

Use A Dedicated Short Code

You can get your own dedicated short code (5 or 6 digit), registered and licensed with all major carriers. This increases delivery speed and throughput, preventing SPAM and ensuring deliverability.

Text SHORT to 77007 for more info.

Free Inbound SMS and MMS

Going hand-in-hand with complimentary compliance messages, MBT also offers free Inbound SMS and MMS, further reducing your costs and encouraging community engagement without limitations.

Worry-Free Opt-in/Opt-out Requirements

You can leave the headaches behind when it comes to the requirements in the texting world. We have it covered for you. MBT maintains opt-in/opt-out requirements so you can send messages compliantly with confidence.